Posted by - March 29, 2017


Do you have your elevator pitch ready?  You know, those 90 second speeches you have prepared to give at networking events and run-ins with colleagues.  Did you know, even if you haven’t given one professionally, you’ve probably already given them when trying to explain to your family and friends what you do for a living? 

There are four simple things to include to help you perfect these pitches.  Capturing your audience’s attention by talking about how great your company is doing, who your customers are and what problem you’re solving, how the problem is currently being solved and how you’ll do it differently, and explaining how your solution is the best.  There are a few more steps if you’re trying to attract venture capitalists, but the concept is the same.

Not sure how a strong IT services support fits into all this?  Well, you won’t have a functioning business if all your systems go down due to hacking, or you will lose your customers if your phone systems and website go down, you also won’t have a good presentation to give if you’re staff are not up to date on their software knowledge to put it all together.  Not to mention that most businesses run entirely online, in the cloud, or behind software.  Optfinity offers free assessments to help every business truly understand their demands, needs, and wants to function at peak capacity.

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