What is the New Normal?

That’s the question we all asked ourselves when 2020 ended. So much about how we work has changed.  Work-from-home has become a necessity instead of a perk.  Cyber-threats are rising dramatically in frequency, scale, and effectiveness.  Budgetary concerns mean that your workforce may be shrinking, leaving crucial duties unperformed.  So what can you do to keep your company moving smoothly?

Join OptfinITy and PerusITy as we look at some of the biggest changes the COVID-19 pandemic made to how we work. From new technologies to reliable tips and tricks, these upcoming webinars give you the tools you need to stay ahead in 2021.



January – The Best Way to Stay Connected

2020 changed the way we work. One of the biggest changes has been how we communicate with each other. As the workforce continues to evolve, businesses need to examine the needs of remote workers, B.Y.O.D. (bring your own device) policies, and how we stay in touch at the office, at home, or on the road.

Join us for this webinar on January 28th as we look at the features and security concerns of VoIP phone systems, videoconferencing solutions, and messaging apps.

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Staying Connected through technology - Video Conferencing - OptfinITy





February – Keeping your Office and Remote Workers Protected

As people settled into remote working, more than half of global businesses encountered at least one cybersecurity scare. While global businesses have the capability to adapt, many smaller organizations have been stuck worrying instead. Are your connections and data encrypted? Are your employees protected from cyber and social engineering scams?

Join us for this webinar on February 25th as we examine the concerns of remote working and the tools you can use to keep your employees protected and educated so that your company data remains secure.

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March – Why IT Outsourcing Can Work for You!

For many organizations, 2020 was a year to prioritize their spending. Outsourcing some or all of the technology related areas of the organization is one way to do just that! Instead of using valuable resources resolving IT issues, your workers can focus on your core business areas.

Join us for this webinar on March 25th as we look at the pros and cons of using outsourced IT to help control your IT operations and costs. .

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