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Do you currently use Kaspersky security software? If you live in the United States, you won’t be able to much longer. As of Thursday, the US Department of Commerce announced a ban on Kaspersky software and all security products.

Why the Ban?

The Bureau of Industry (BIS) found that Kaspersky:

– Is under Russian government influence.

– Puts sensitive US customer data at risk

– Can install malicious software and withhold updates.

– Could potentially be manipulated for espionage, data theft, and system malfunctions.

Historical Context

In 2017, the US banned Kaspersky from government use. This new update extends the ban to ALL consumers and businesses.

Key Dates and Restrictions

– From July 20: Kaspersky and its affiliates are banned from selling or licensing their software in the US.

– By September 29: Resellers must stop selling Kaspersky products, and third-party developers can’t integrate Kaspersky software.

What This Means for Users

Current Kaspersky users should seek alternatives before September 29. After September 29th updates and support will stop, leaving users vulnerable to new risks.

Kaspersky’s Response

Kaspersky denies posing any security threats and criticizes the BIS’s investigation as influenced by geopolitical tensions rather than the merit of the product itself.

Moving Forward

Kaspersky users in the US need to find alternative cybersecurity solutions to ensure continued protection. Exploring expert-reviewed VPN services and other cybersecurity tools is recommended.

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