Posted by - March 28, 2017


A website cookie is a file that helps websites identify who you are and whether you have been to a website before.  This is useful for remembering your preferences or items you may have ordered, making your website experience a better one.  The problem occurs when hackers can manipulate this data, as evidenced in this article about the recent Yahoo hacker attacks.

What happened with Yahoo was that hackers could forge cookies for Yahoo’s users which would potentially allow them access to accounts without the need for a password because your cookie and history identified you and Yahoo accepted that information as authentic.

Additionally, browsers use other methods to identify you including your active logins, browsing and download history, cache, cookies, form and search bar data, offline website data, and site preferences.  As a result, you want to regularly wipe clean this information from your computer. 

For more information on this issue you can read the linked article or give us a call at Optfinity (703-790-0400) and we will help ensure all your computers and servers are constantly cleared of possibly damaging items that pose threats to you and your company’s data. 



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