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Breaking the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act can quickly add up for many businesses regulated by this act. Most of you might know this as HIPAA. A breach can cost a company millions of dollars annually, even if the breach is perpetrated by a contracted third party. These third party contractors are often times IT companies, so ensuring your IT provider is knowledgeable with HIPAA regulations is a huge priority and should be a mitigating factor when selecting one.

The top breaches of HIPAA are theft, unauthorized access/disclosure, and hacking. Theft includes not just the loss of cyber data, but also the taking of physical property, such as laptops. Leaving documents out in the open or failing to dispose of them properly falls under the disclosure reason, and malware, including ransomware, is a good example of hacking.

Read the full article to understand more the complexities of the ways your business needs to protect itself with regards to HIPAA, with even some basics as ensuring cables and locks are attached to laptops to prevent basic theft. Optfinity is an IT managed service provider which fully understands this regulation and works hard to protect its clients’ data and help educate others. Please contact Optfinity today for more information.

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