Posted by - March 21, 2022

If you frequent any social media platform, you’ve more than likely seen seemingly harmless, wacky quizzes pop up on your feed or timeline.  A lot of these tend to be associated with Facebook, but quizzes and surveys on Twitter and Instagram, as well as “Get to Know Me” videos on TikTok all serve a similar function: to harvest personal information from unsuspecting users.

Many times, these lighthearted posts are common security questions.  Headlines such as “Your Metal Band Name is the Street you Grew Up On + Favorite Pet’s Name” may appear benign, but the comments under such posts often contain a goldmine of potential passwords or answers to security questions. While there are plenty of question game posts that were created by cybercriminals with the intent of gaining access to sensitive information, not every quiz post is crafted by a hacker. However, these posts can be harmful regardless of the creator’s intent, as they are usually public and have no limits to who can view the post’s comments. Some examples of a quiz post a social media phisher may publish include:

  • Who even remembers their kindergarten teacher? Let’s celebrate our educators this week!
  • Nobody’s first car was a Ford- prove me wrong!
  • Name a TV show you could watch forever and never get tired of!


It’s nearly impossible to avoid coming across one of these phishing scams on social media, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself. First, don’t give out sensitive information on social media. Though some prompts may be tempting to complete, don’t answer or share quizzes asking for personal details. Additionally, keep an eye out for posts that create a sense of urgency and panic. Cybercriminals exploit emotions like curiosity, fear, greed, and helpfulness to create a sense of urgency to entice you to share information or click on a link. Lastly, when in doubt, flag or report a post if it seems suspicious.

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