Posted by - June 06, 2024

Fishing and phishing might sound alike, but while one is a relaxing pastime – the other is a malicious cybercrime where attackers bait victims into handing over sensitive information through bogus emails and websites.

In honor of National Fishing Week, we will be covering what phishing is, its impact, and how you can protect your network.

Impact of Phishing

Phishing can lead to identity theft, financial loss, cybersecurity breaches, and reputational damage for individuals and businesses.

Preventing and Identifying Phishing Attacks

1. Know the red flags: Look for poor grammar, misspellings, and urgent requests. Verify URLs and avoid clicking on suspicious links.

2. Protect Personal Information: Never share sensitive data through email or phone. Use complex, regularly updated passwords.

3. Enhance Online Security: Use updated antivirus software, firewalls, and anti-phishing tools. Be cautious with public Wi-Fi.

4. Education and Training: Learn about common phishing tactics and mandate employee training to recognize and report suspicious activity.


Understanding phishing tactics and maintaining vigilant cybersecurity practices can protect your personal information and prevent falling victim to these scams. Stay informed, stay cautious, and don’t fall for the bait.

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