Posted by - April 20, 2018

Is your router out of date?  Did you ever change the default password/  Are you still getting security updates on it?  If you answered yes to any of these questions or you do not know the answers, then there is a great chance your router is at risk of being hacked.

                According to this article on CNET, more and more hackers are accessing organizational routers because they are not being updated and protected.  And once they are in your router, they have the ability to do a lot of damage through the theft of information or the shutting down of your systems.  What are you doing to keep your organization safe?

                If you are not sure or would like a free assessment of things, give OptfinITy a call.  For 16 years, OptfinITy has been providing organizations with budget friendly unlimited IT support that protects you and keeps you at ease with knowing that your technology is safe.    Give us a call at 703-790-0400 or on the web at

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