Posted by - April 10, 2024

Latrodectus, a recently discovered malware, may be sitting in your inbox. First appearing in phishing campaigns in late November 2023, the malware has raised major concerns in the cybersecurity community because it can bypass protections to execute malicious code to the user.

Its infiltration tactics involve deceiving victims with fake legal threats, leading them to download malicious JavaScript files that initiate the malware’s payload.

Once Latrodectus infiltrates a system, it establishes communication with a command-and-control server (C2) and awaits further instructions. Unfortunately, its ability to detect and evade firewalls and antivirus programs makes it exceptionally challenging to detect and mitigate.

With commands enabling file enumeration, code execution, and process manipulation, Latrodectus grants cybercriminals unprecedented control over compromised systems.

In light of this emerging threat landscape, heightened vigilance and robust security measures are essential. By staying informed and implementing best practices for cybersecurity, individuals and organizations can defend against Latrodectus and similar malicious actors.

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