How to Use Rules and Quick Steps in Outlook

Posted by - June 05, 2024

Many of us spend hours in our inbox daily, making email management skills critical for staying on top of tasks and remaining productive during the day. If you find yourself overwhelmed by your inbox, Rules and Quick steps are a fantastic way to automate and streamline email organization. What are Rules in Outlook? Outlook Rules… Read more »

What is Sender Policy Framework?

Posted by - May 03, 2024

What is SPF? Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication protocol designed to combat email spoofing, spam, and phishing attacks. It verifies the legitimacy of incoming emails by allowing domain owners to authorize specific mail servers. How does SPF work? SPF works through DNS records. When an email is received, the recipient’s server checks… Read more »

Major Email Security Risks in 2024

Posted by - April 15, 2024

Email remains king as the primary form of communication in the modern workforce. However, its extensive use also makes it a prime target for cyber threats. According to a recent report by Cofense, a staggering 90% of data breaches stem from phishing attacks, establishing it as the leading vector for cybercrime in 2024. Who is… Read more »

New Malware Infiltrating Inboxes

Posted by - April 10, 2024

Latrodectus, a recently discovered malware, may be sitting in your inbox. First appearing in phishing campaigns in late November 2023, the malware has raised major concerns in the cybersecurity community because it can bypass protections to execute malicious code to the user. Its infiltration tactics involve deceiving victims with fake legal threats, leading them to… Read more »

TA542: It’s Spear-Phishing Season Again.

Posted by - December 10, 2020

When people think of spam emails, it’s usually phishing that comes to mind. These are the emails that make up your junk folder: a truly frightening combination of poor grammar, bad spelling, and vulgarity that makes you question how anyone can fall for a phishing attack. Spear-phishing has become the new way to create a… Read more »