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Many of us spend hours in our inbox daily, making email management skills critical for staying on top of tasks and remaining productive during the day. If you find yourself overwhelmed by your inbox, Rules and Quick steps are a fantastic way to automate and streamline email organization.

What are Rules in Outlook?

Outlook Rules allow you to automatically organize your inbox based on predetermined criteria.  Automatically delete, move, and archive emails based on the sender, subject line, keyword, and more.

How to Use Rules in Outlook

To establish a new rule, simply:

  1. Navigate to the Rules dropdown in the upper menu
  2. Select Manage Rules
  3. Name your Rule and select the condition and action you wish the rule to perform
  4. Select Save

You can delete and edit your Rules at anytime by returning to the Manage Rules window.

What are Quick steps in Outlook?

Quick steps are like rules but are manually applied instead of automatic. Quick steps shave off time in your inbox by bundling multiple actions at the same time, allowing you to customize complex actions into one click.

How to Use Quick steps in Outlook

  1. Navigate to Quick steps in the upper menu
  2. Select + New Quick Step
  3. Name the Quick step and choose an action and condition
  4. Select a Keyboard Shortcut
  5. Click Save

To delete or edit Quick steps click the Quick steps drop down and select Manage quick steps.


A clean and organized inbox is a productive one. Stay ahead of spam and trash and prioritize important emails seamlessly with quick steps and rules.

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