Posted by - June 30, 2022

Could you be providing people around you with your personal information and not really know it? You probably are.

A security researcher sat outside a coffee shop and was able to read individuals’ current location; and even past locations, including but not limited to the gym they go to, their job, and even their home.

Using an online database and a wireless auditing device, any educated computer user could possibly track someone’s location. In fact, when you aren’t connected to your Wi-Fi at work or at home, your phone is sending out signals to find networks to connect to. The signal from your phone can then be cross-referenced to see where you are based on the networks you are near.

So, what can you do? First, it is highly recommended to change the name of your home Wi-Fi network at least once a year. Make sure to use a common name such as a favorite band. By adding “_NOMAP” to the end of your home Wi-Fi name, this also lets mapping companies know you don’t want your Wi-Fi network published online, although that is not a guarantee.

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