Posted by - August 09, 2016

The man known as “Spam King”, Sanford Wallace, has been sentenced for his use of stolen Facebook credentials in order to spam other users. While this is great news for justice and for those of us eager to ensure our electronic safety and security, this is merely a reminder of the dangers out there!

The main point of this article, is to be vigilant in your online usage and maintain a constant dome of security around your personal information. Some good lessons are to limit your friend lists to just those you actually know. Keep private details about yourself private. Just because you limit who can see this information does not mean that a hacker can’t somehow gain access to your account and be privy to this sensitive data.

Lastly, avoid all strange and unusual links. If you receive a weird email from a trusted friend, it can’t hurt to text or call them and see if they really meant to send that to you. If they didn’t, let them know they were hacked and definitely do not click on the link! We here at Optfinity have many tools at our disposal for helping you and your staff ensure their online security and can even monitor, test, and screen their behavior to prevent accidental link clicks or wrong emails opened.

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