Posted by - December 08, 2016

A couple is suing a Toyota dealership for stealing an intimate photo off of the husband’s smartphone and uploading it to a swinger’s website. He did this because he saved his pre-approved financing document for a new car on his phone and the salesperson needed to show the document to his manager.

After getting his phone back five minutes later, the husband noticed that an intimate photo of his wife had been recently selected and emailed out to another couple as well as the adult website. The couple called the police right away and once on the scene, discovered that the dealership’s owner had emailed the photos to himself, first, before uploading it to his profile on the website.

Luckily, the husband had an app installed on his phone which was able to recover the emails on his phone which the dealership owner had deleted to try and cover his tracks. But this problem would never had happened had he not hand his phone over to a complete stranger. He could have printed out the document beforehand, or just emailed the document to the salesperson, himself, from his smartphone.

There should be no reason you hand your phone over to a stranger, unless it’s to the manufacturer for a technical issue. Remember, if you do, they now have access to not only your files, but sometimes many apps/websites that you may be logged in to. Be smart and keep your belongings secure, don’t be your own point of failure.

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