Posted by - November 18, 2022

QR codes are popping up everywhere in 2022, including locations such as restaurants, shopping malls, and airports. These signs often suggest downloading a specific QR code reader for your phone. Even if they don’t, many will seek out a QR app to scan the code they need. However, these apps are primarily redundant due to features already included in your phone and may even be dangerous.

These third-party apps are an easy way for hackers to deliver malware to your phone or to steal information. Dangerous code can be placed in these apps which could lead to unwanted outcomes such as theft of money or personal data. They can even fully take over your device!

If you want to avoid these potential threats, the simple solution is to use your phone’s built-in camera app. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or Samsung, they all have native QR code support.

All you’ll need to do is:
• Open the camera app
• Hover over the QR code
• Your phone should recognize the code and give a tappable notification
• Tap the notification

If you’re having any issues, go to your phone’s settings and ensure that QR code scanning is enabled.

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