Posted by - June 06, 2019

A article has reported that the city of Baltimore has experienced yet another ransomware attack, the second over the past 14 months. Unlike the attack back in March of 2018, this ransomware virus did not affect the city’s 911 and emergency dispatch systems. However, as a precaution, the majority of the city’s servers were shut down, with the exception of police, fire, EMS and 311 which remained operational.

As we continue to hear of more and more ransomware attacks targeting large US cities, it is important to understand these attacks have the potential affect not only people’s money, but also people’s lives. The city of Baltimore has experienced two attacks in just a little over a year, and it’s time everyone; businesses, government, and cities, step up their cybersecurity training and awareness programs. These attacks aren’t going away, and they are going to get worse if everyone doesn’t start paying more attention to cybersecurity.

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