Posted by - November 10, 2020

Sometimes it seems like it’s impossible to keep your business safe. Software is constantly improving. Cybercriminals are becoming more technologically savvy. The list of security to-do’s is growing ever longer. With all that happening, it can be hard to figure out where to start. One option is to hire someone to do the heavy lifting for you. However, taking some simple steps on your own can be a great first start.

The good news is that preventing the vast majority of cybercrime doesn’t require a lot of technical know-how, just some basic knowledge of how cybercrime happens. Most cybercriminals are not spending days writing code to get into your system. Instead, they try to trick you and your employees into opening the door for them. Phishing campaigns are a popular way of doing this: someone sends your employee an unexpected email asking them to click a link or open a file. The next thing you know, your system has been infected with malware and you have to write some very embarrassing emails to your clients explaining why their contact information has been stolen. Most successful cybercrime happens in a situation like this, where someone within the company lets malware in.

So how do you stop it? Have regular meetings with your employees about the importance of information security. Make sure they know the basics. Never open anything from an unfamiliar sender and never install software (or browser add-ons, or applications) unless they are company-approved. Also, don’t click on strange links or visit shady websites. It’s important to ground information security in the real world. While it can be hard to understand how opening a link could cost your company millions, it is a lot easier to get how that same link steals their personal data. That personal touch is a good way to make sure that facts stick. Finally, if you’re in a position of power at your company, take charge! Create complexity guidelines for employee passwords and consider putting a secure password manager on company computers.

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