Posted by - March 29, 2017


We all write emails all day long, sending them to friends, family, colleagues, vendors, existing and future clients/customers.  Are you aware that how you end your email can directly affect the response rate from these emails, especially if you’re asking for advice or help and expecting a reply?

The least effective way to end an email is with “regards” or “best”, and the most effective way to end is with some form of “thanks or thanks in advance”.  Likewise, your sign-off should be equally grateful as “thanks in advance” had the highest response rate and “best” had the lowest.

Don’t forget to be equally appreciative when on the receiving end of these emails.  And while you’re welcome and no problem are just fine, “I know you’d do the same for me” tops the list.  As an IT service support company, we try to always thank all our clients every time we communicate with them.  So, if you’re missing out on having a vendor show you their appreciation, we’ll show you how much we care by first offering a free assessment of your IT systems.

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