April 14, 2016

Do you or your company have mobile apps? When was the last time you tested it for flaws, holes, or other vulnerabilities? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Even very large companies such as Dominos have failed this test.

In this article, a security consultant from the UK stumbled upon a pretty big bug in Dominos’ ordering process. Because their payments were processed on the client side instead of the server side, he was able to change the values of the payment codes and pay for his pizza using a fake credit card number.

Not to worry, this computer guru was an honest man and not only notified Dominos, but also paid for his pizza when it arrived. But don’t think all hackers who stumble across a bug in your system will be this magnanimous. So be sure that your website and apps are as infallible as possible by testing them thoroughly. Not sure how to do this or where to start? Then it’s a good time to contact the experts at Optfinity!

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