Posted by - May 06, 2020

As millions of people begin to work from home, it is not surprising that the Zoom application received a spike in sales as the global world turned to it for videoconferencing – although a bumpy road. But is Zoom and other applications like it really good for us?   A design firm called Argodesign has different thoughts and have created a concept called ‘The Square’.

This new  concept offers an artificial window with an LCD screen that will go from your wall to the corner of your desk. When you raise the shade, you will then be given the opportunity to see your coworkers – who will also be using the device – and strike up a conversation, discuss individual work, or hold meetings similar to the environmental essence of a real office.

As social creatures, we tend to miss human connection. What’s interesting about The Square is that it will replicate you in 3D rather than a flat screen, and if done correctly, will feel as though there is only a sheer window between you and the person you’re corresponding with. The architecture will be fixed to present a real office environment when convenient, and when you need a break, you can just lift the screen back up for more privacy. Although Zoom has been beneficial during this transition, The Square may offer an opportunity for more human-connection and productivity.  For more information, click here.

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