Posted by - September 28, 2021

Cybersecurity firm Check Point revealed earlier this year that there was a serious security flaw in Amazon’s Kindle software. The flaw allowed hackers to take control of a victim’s device and access personal information or delete information and their books. It is also possible that hackers could have stolen Amazon account credentials or billing information from unsuspecting readers. The most concerning way that the vulnerability could have been exploited is by sending malicious versions of popular e-books to unsuspecting readers.

This type of attack is especially dangerous given its customizable nature. Hackers could have targeted a specific demographic by sending popular, malicious e-books tailored to a group’s interests, dialect, or language. This is the first recorded example of a hack gaining complete remote control over a Kindle via a malicious e-book. If you’re worried about your network being exploited and losing sensitive information whether through an e-book or other vector, contact us for a free assessment

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