Posted by - June 25, 2020

Do you have a camera within your organization?   Recent reports currently released show that certain brands of wireless cameras feature a security flaw that allows the opportunity for hackers to access people’s home network. Although the connected cameras are meant to issue a sense of security for its owners, it opens the door for malicious actors to compromise both their security and privacy. The cameras are manufactured by the Chinese firm, HiChip, and are extremely popular with individuals across the UK and other countries. Over 100,000 cameras sold across the UK have been confirmed to contain the security flaw.


The security flaw allows hackers to access live footage and access other devices connected to the home networks. It also allows hackers to eavesdrop, speak through the camera’s microphone and even pinpoint where the camera user lives. Reports also state that an attacker could still access your network and carry out malicious activity even if the user changes the password.


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