Posted by - March 19, 2024

Do you use Calendly to organize your calendar and book meetings? You may be vulnerable to a new scheme targeting Mac users.

Recently reported by Krebs On Security, this scheme targets people in the cryptocurrency space through platforms like Calendly via malicious links and calendar add-ons.

One victim’s experience illustrates the danger: approached via Telegram by a scammer posing as a potential investor, they were directed to a Calendly profile to schedule a video call. Clicking the meeting link led to a prompt to run a script, unknowingly installing a trojan on their Mac that steals personal and financial data.

This form of attack is a popular social engineering scam in which bad actors will manipulate user’s trusts in reputable platforms like Calendly. While an email from a company you trust may seem inconspicuous, it is important to thoroughly vet every message you receive.

To protect yourself against this form of attack:

Verify Links: Hover over links to inspect URLs before clicking, and use URL expander services for shortened links.

Avoid Running Scripts: Refrain from executing scripts from unknown sources.

Enhance Malware Protection: Consider reputable Mac antivirus software alongside built-in protections like XProtect.

By staying cautious and adopting these precautions, Mac users can reduce the risk of malware infections. A few extra seconds of due diligence can save you a major cyber headache in the long run.

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