Posted by - May 06, 2024

Kaiser Permanente, a major healthcare provider, recently informed 13.4 million current and former members and patients that tracking technologies may have transmitted personal information to third-party vendors like Google, Microsoft Bing, and X while logged into a Kaiser Permanente account or service.

The incident sheds light on an ongoing issue with the privacy risks associated with third party tracking technologies. Federal regulators had previously warned about the dangers posed by such technologies, emphasizing the need for comprehensive security measures.

A leading concern is the over-sharing of user information with advertisers, raising significant privacy issues. Advertisers use customer browser history and data to target specific ads towards users, without their knowledge or direct consent. This can negatively impact client relationships and the overall reputation of organizations if not vetted properly. 

Regulatory compliance is also a major consideration, as hospital systems and telehealth providers are at risk of violating HIPAA and FTC data security rules through the usage of third-party tracking technologies. Moving forward, organizations must prioritize stringent data privacy measures, including vendor assessments and robust monitoring processes to stay ahead of the threat.

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