Posted by - May 27, 2020

It turns out the selfies you are taking with your facemask on are not just being seen by your family and friends, but researchers are collecting them as well to improve their facial recognition algorithms. A recent report shows that thousands of face-masked selfies are currently present in public data sets filled with photos taken directly from Instagram.

Face mask cover-up is an essential part of facial recognition algorithms and lack of facial recognition data has threatened the future of a multimillion-dollar industry. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, individuals have been urged into wearing face masks and facial recognition companies are attempting to keep up in collecting enough data as possible while they still can.

As with any technology, it is important to keep updated on the latest technology and security concerns.  Before you post anything on Instagram, you should look at the ramifications for your company. For more information on how to protect your businesses , feel free to contact OptfinITy at (703)790-0400 or at

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