Posted by - September 23, 2020

As cyberthreats and attacks continue to increase, a recent report by Positive Technologies reveals an analysis that exposes why that is. The report shows the costs of many cybercrime services across the dark web are surprisingly cheap.

According to the report, the costs of cybercrime services can begin from as low as $40 to $4,500. This means that hackers can infiltrate a business’ email and steal sensitive information for under $50 dollars. Since the price of attacks start so low, cybercrime is not directed at only big business. Reports show that 71% of SMBs are not prepared for cybersecurity risks, and with how cheap it is to attack, preparations are necessary. The report encourages all SMBs to begin conducting detailed digital risk assessments to protect their businesses.

Larger businesses must also remain vigilant as they are also not in the clear. Since some cybercrime services are so inexpensive, hackers could purchase multiple attack services to target one larger enterprise from different angles. If you are an SMB and you don’t know where to start, OptfinITy can help.

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