Posted by - November 20, 2019

Disney’s new demand streaming service has been available for less than two weeks and  that is all it took before hackers were able to compromise the streaming service , selling hacked accounts for as little as $1.

On November 12th, only hours after the service launched, Disney + users took to social media outraged that they have been locked out of their accounts and had received alerts stating that their account information and details have been changed. The hacked users claimed that a fake email was sent to them as a service subscriber, warning them that their account had been locked. Once the email was opened, the subscriber was requested to supply their credit card details and account information.

If you are worried about your accounts being hacked and information compromised, it is best to put a multiple layered approach to your security, including but not limited to email controls and online training of your employees.  For more information on these types of solutions, please contact OptfinITy via email at or via phone at 703-790-0400.

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