March 24, 2020

OptfinITy is proud to announce that our CEO, Michael Drobnis, has been selected to participate in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses (10KSB) Program. The program offers continuing business education through Babson College, a network of executive mentors, and access to capital through “mission-driven small business lenders.”

“I am a lifelong learner and understand the importance of networking and learning from others,” says Drobnis. Although his background includes an MBA, and various certifications, Drobnis says the 10KSB opportunity offers something his previous achievements couldn’t.

“All of this education was undertaken before I became CEO of OptfinITy and when you are the owner of a company, you are concerned about the business from different angles, so participating in the 10KSB program is perfect for me to learn more as a business owner.”

Of the 9,000 small businesses that have entered the program so far, more than two-thirds saw an increase in revenue within six months of joining the program, and nearly 80 percent reported revenue growth after 30 months. That’s compared to a national average of 47 percent among U.S. businesses.

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