Posted by - November 18, 2019

Have you ever traveled before with a phone lower on power and tried one of those “free” USB charging stations?  According to a recent report, it turns out the convenient USB power charging stations found in airports and malls may come with a cost.  Officials are warning that  that travelers should be wary of using USB ports when charging smartphones since hackers have devised ways to download and steal data from phones and tablets by modifying USB connections and installing malware onto your phone without your knowledge. This technique is known as ‘juice-jacking.’

Although, the general notion of juice-jacking is viewed as a relatively new hacking threat, it is not as new as it seems. In fact, attendees of security conferences back in 2011 have been warned about the dangers of plugging their devices into public charging kiosks.  The concept of juice-jacking has also been proven at hacker conventions and seen by many travels who have had the unfortunate encounter of having their personal information and data stolen due to juice-jacking. For more information on your latest security concerns and other technology related resources, check out our website at

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