Posted by - April 06, 2020

As massive amounts of people begin working from home during the COVID-19 crises, Zoom videoconference, along with many other video-conferencing applications, has been booming.

What people may not be aware of, however, is that  Zoom users might need to be concerned about the app’s privacy and security.  Some of the concerns with the application include that people in your meeting might be able to read your private messages if the host chooses to record a zoom meeting to the cloud.

Another concern regarding Zoom’s privacy policy is the app maker claims that your conference is end-to-end encrypted – which means, no one, even Zoom, has access to your chats or can read them.  This does not appear to be the case as research claims that Zoom has access to your audio and video meetings.

If you are unsure about which video conferencing app is right for you or are looking for secure ways to telework, we are here to help.   Contact us at (703)790-0400 or to discuss your concerns.

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