Posted by - February 24, 2020

Last year businesses worldwide lost billions of dollars due to ransomware. This year, however, some ransomware criminals are looking to collect something other than money.

Researchers at Emisoft have discovered a ransomware that demands payment of a different kind – nude photographs. The creator of the ransomware distorts the typical sextortion scam which is to usually ask for payments in order not to post explicit photographs of the victim. Now, the criminal offers up a decryption tool to the victim but only if they send explicit photos of themselves first.

Although the scam is worrisome, the new strain of Ransomware has proven not to be very sophisticated in its execution yet. It is important before turning over sensitive images of yourself to consult a professional before. Thankfully, OptfinITy is equipped to deal with threats of cybercriminals. If you or your organization fear that you are not prepared to deal with these types of security issues attacks and can use some guidance, feel free to contact us at OptfinITy at (703)790-0400 or contact us at

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